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Best Motivational Speeches Compilation EVER #12 – DECIDE TO WIN – 30 Minutes of the Best Motivation

Best Motivational Speeches Compilation EVER #12 – DECIDE TO WIN – 30 Minutes of the Best Motivation

Best Motivational Speeches Compilation ever. Do society indeed before you make decisions pick up a book and read and understand. That every success has a seat only because of that success is a patient individual. Who did his work and is able to lead but I’m not a born leader what a poor excuse and those things called excuses get you 0% closer to your goal the greatest leaders leave from the back a humility that is so powerful? It makes the impossible possible their light is so dim it’s luminescent their. Footsteps are so quiet their thunders and their presence is so unknown two illustrious as a leader you must make your own decisions. You must fill your days with positive habits and repeatedly complete them day in and day out take your mind in your heart combine them to dig out your passion build greater people of that passion don’t preach. What you can’t do whatever you do do not be a hypocrite being a leader consists of work you must lead by example when. I made a decision to walk away when. I made a decision ah.

Best motivational speechI made a decision that. I was gonna live the way. I wanted to live are we always gonna make the right decision yes or no absolutely not no way in a million years but most people don’t have the guts to make the tough decisions because they want to make the right decisions. So they made no decision but for some reason or another, you’ve been holding back for some reason or another you just have not been able to gather your nerves or be able to work through the procrastinating or putting it off or justifying or blaming some reason or another. You just haven’t done it. I want you to know that your life right now is the sum total of your decision so. I need you to me a favor but. I need you from this day forward for the rest of your life to make a decision decision-making is the force that shapes destiny personal corporate business destiny so if you’re going to control your life the way you take controls by making these choices and you don’t my kind of things are what you got to do the change that you have to make the decision by the way leaders make decisions that’s what makes somebody leader. They have the guts to make the most difficult decisions the male says the guts to make any nobody no no what they want he seems not working in another one change. It which means to make another decision see if it works that’s the essence of how we grow you know what I did to get where I am right now. I made a decision some decisions of major decisions and also there are a lot of small decisions that. We don’t make that they tax our minds they drain our energy they create a lot of anxiety and nervousness and mental torment because. We don’t take care of it we decide not to decide which is a decision to decide to act is a major major challenge for all of us the different ones in different areas of our lives and there are things that happen to us along the way experiences that we have that can get us the merging through the mental block again. Must Watch…

Best Motivational Speech Compilation – TIME TO CHANGE – Eric Thomas ft Les Brown & Jim Rohn

Best motivational speeches compilation: I want you to look at your life right now and think about something. That’s important to you something that gives your life a sense of value think about something. That you’d like to have or something you’d like to create for you or your family or for society once you hold this thought in mind. Now one of the first things. I want you to do is don’t worry. About the inner conversation that you’re gonna have don’t worry about how you’re going to do it that’s going to come you’re going to develop a plan of action you will find the way you’ll become the kind of person that can attract the people the resources and everything. You need in order to make that become reality if you help enough people get what they want you can have everything you are what is it that you looked. At some point in time and you decided that you couldn’t do it but you talked yourself out of it whatever it brings it back out there how you want to do it that will come to you in due time so you don’t get in like what you want ladies and gentlemen you get in life. What you are h-how’d what you want you to see the good news is that. We can always become more by working to develop ourselves so the first process of making this your decade you’ve got to begin to take a look at your life look at. Where are you right now what are your strengths what are your weaknesses what gives your life a sense of fulfillment a sense of joy what does a fool which life means to you? What is it that you not doing seven days a week that’ll bring a smile to your face. I still have it is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream find out the reasons that you do what you do find out the reasons that will make you strong that will make you walk by faith and not by sightsee. I know something about you even not knowing you that you got greatness within you-you have the ability to do things that you can’t even begin to imagine you have talents and skills in you that. You haven’t even begun to reach for you let’s keep. It really if it was easy everybody would do it when you’re working at your dream somebody said the hotter the battle the sweeter the victory always sweet. Must Watch..


Best motivational speechescompilation: The devil whispers to the warrior you cannot withstand the storm. The warrior replies. I am the storm it’s in your DNA is who you are you-you are a warrior. It’s time for you not to back up not to give up not to give in even you get knocked down. You get back up you get back up get that Cup and you continue to against the wall listening to me very carefully you are a warrior it is time for you to fight. I know you have that warrior inside and now. I just need you to activate you can’t do anything without faith it’s impossible to accomplish anything without faith so I need you to believe there is still time as long as there is breath in your nostrils as long as you can wake up in the morning the first step. Before anybody else in the world believes. It’s you have to believe it so. I need you to believe because if your water goes through on the battling you got to go through to get to where you want to get who’s got the right to stop you I mean maybe some of you guys got something you never finished something you really want to do some of you never said to summon something and you’re told no even. After you pay your dues who’s got the right to tell you that who nobody. It’s your right to listen to your gut ain’t nobody’s right to say no let me learn right could be what you want to be doing to us you got to do with Jewish call to do you got to do what you were gonna do you got to do. What works for you because if you do what works for you blah keep going as dark. As it gets keep going as difficult as it gets as much as it seems as if the world is crumbling down around you and there’s no way out keep going see most people stop they don’t get it they quit they quit reaching for their dreams I noticed that there are those who are squashers of dreams now. I don’t know why these people do this. I don’t know why the naysayers or squashes do this these people will drop seeds on you don’t let their seeds grow don’t let some asshole drop some shitty seed in you and then you water it grow stronger and then inspire others to become the strongest version of themselves that’s how we evolve. I go beyond the fears and limitations of other people. Must Watch…

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