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Can Phil Heath win 9 Olympias and break the record?  -Motivational Speech 2018

Can Phil Heath win 9 Olympias and break the record? -Motivational Speech 2018

Can Phil Heath win 9 Olympias and break the record? – All right what’s going on you guys. Nick here with Nick – power so a lot of people been asking. Me what I think about Phil Heath and whether or not I believe he has the potential to break. The all-time Olympia record of winning eight.



Mr. Olympia competitions. I’m not to answer that question. I believe the answer is yes and to really make an analysis of whether or not he can do it. We’ve got to really look at the other people. Who have won eight and then we’ve got to really look at the factors that contributed them to winning those eight so first and foremost.

Phil Heath is only 37 years old and he is already one of 6 Mr. Olympia competitions so the other two guys that have won eight are Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney so let’s look at Ronnie Coleman. First so Ronnie Coleman won his last Mr. Olympia in 2005 at the age of 40 so Phil Heath needs to win eight Olympus to tie the record.



He would be 39 when he wins his case Olympia and he would be 40 when. He wins his ninth so. I don’t think age is a factor that’s holding Phil Heath back because Ronnie Coleman won his last Olympia at the age of 40 in 2005 then. He placed 2nd in 2006 at the age of 41 then he retired at the age of 42 in 2007 so.

I think Phil Heath definitely has a good maybe five years. Left of competing probably at least three years. Left of being a top Olympia threat to the title so Lee Haney. It’s important to note that nobody dethroned Lee Haney so Lee Haney just competed and he won his last Olympia in 1991 Namah.

He just competed until. He just didn’t want to compete anymore and nobody ever. Beat Lee Haney so that’s important to note that Ronnie Coleman was actually beaten. At an Olympian Lee Haney was not he just chose to retire so the next thing, That we’re looking at is competitive threats to the title so obviously in Ronnie Coleman’s day.

He had Jay Cutler constantly nipping at his heels constantly placing second and eventually beating him to win. The Mr. Olympia competition so in the case of Phil Heath. We had that for a few years with Phil and Kai Greene Kai Green was constantly you know right on Phil’s heels constantly pushing.

Them constantly placing second and constantly coming close to winning and a lot of people’s opinions. Now we have guys like Shawn Rhoden placing second and I don’t think Shawn Rhoden is nearly.

The same level of a threat as Kai Greene was I think Shawn Rhode is definitely older than Phil and he’s falling off the map and I think Phil has more longevity in the sport. Than Shawn rho-den does so overall.

I don’t think Shawn rho-den is going to be a threat to Phil’s career so we also have to look. At the obvious like big Romney people been saying you know for the past what five years. Now that big Romney would be the guy. That’s going to dethrone and fill every single year.

At the Olympia everyone says big Romney’s going to beat Phil this year big Romney’s going to be Phil this year but so far the past looked four or five years. He hasn’t been able to do it so in the near future.

I don’t see big Romney as being a threat so what we really need to look at is the next three years like. I said so between now in the age of 40 the next three years is when Phil Heath needs to focus on winning. All three of these Olympia’s so if big Romney wins in Olympia in my opinion.

It’ll be maybe five years down. The line I don’t think he’s going to win it in one year. I don’t think he’s going to win it to 2017 Olympia that’s coming up and I don’t think he’s going to win the 2018 Olympia.

That’s coming up so he might be able in three years to get himself to the point that. He needs to be to win. The Olympia three years from now and maybe prevent Seoul from getting nine Olympians but I think certainly.

Mr. Olympia

Mr. Olympia

That he is not a threat on in terms of preventing Phil from winning eight. I think he’s definitely a threat to the to the title. I think one day. He might win the Mr. Olympia he probably will non but big Romney is only 32 years old. So he’s five years younger than Phil Heath.

So he has a lot of condiments sure that muscle and a lot of time to come. Into his own so again three years from now big Romney is only going to be 35. So he would be probably in his prime at 35 so maybe after that point maybe Phil will win nine and retire and then that’s when big Romney will win.

So to answer the question that I’ve been asked. A lot of people are not going to like this answer because a lot of people don’t like Phil Heath but I think he has the physique to win at nine Olympia’s.

I think he could break the record. If you want to do but I think certainly. He has the potential to tie the record you know pretty easily. The past couple years. He’s won the Olympia decisively. I know there was a couple years.

Where he had a bubble got issue a conditioning issue but the past two years. He’s been you know pretty solid at the Olympia and he’s won you know by a significant margin. So I think for the next two years.

He may be able to maintain that maybe even do better and win at least two more Olympia’s and I think three Olympia’s is not that unrealistic at this point so do. I think he can win nine in a row. I absolutely do. Do I think he can win eight you know chances are pretty good he’s going to win eight so in my opinion.

Phil will win nine Olympia’s and potentially break that title so let me know what you guys think in the comment section below. I know a lot of you guys are not big fans of Phil heaps but you know personally.

I think he’s a great body builder. I think he has great potential great genetics and he just has great. He just had a great build for the sport man and unfortunately a lot of people.

Don’t want to hear that but I think he will potentially tie. The record and potentially win and break that record with nine Mr. Olympia wins.

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