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TAKE A STAND – A Best Motivational Speech for Students [ 2018 ]

TAKE A STAND – A  best Motivational Speech for Students 2018. Best motivational speech for students of the year. Remember to be a fool sounds crazy a fool is by definition a person who lacks good sense or judgment but. I’m here to tell you that good sense and judgment are highly overrated wisdom too often just a fancy word for cynicism foolishness is a condescending word for joy Wonder and curiosity George Bernard Shaw said a man learns to skate by staggering about and making a fool of himself indeed he progresses in all things by resolutely making a fool of himself couldn’t agree more. Turns out the world provides us with virtually infinite opportunities to be a fool let’s take a look at a couple only a fool would risk failure be that fool only a fool would work hard. When there’s no clear objective be that fool shouldn’t we wait until. We have a direction before we take decisive action otherwise. We risk wasting a lot of time and energy but many times in life college graduation for example. We don’t have a clear goal we’re overwhelmed by all of the options or we’re scared we don’t know enough to succeed at the thing.

A Best Motivational Speech for Students of Study [ 2018 ]

We want doesn’t matter be a fool and work hard at whatever right in front of you when you try hard at everything you do even if it feels. Utterly foolish to do so you’re opening up future doors and possibilities that you might not be seeing at the moment. Only a fool would deliberately scare himself be that fool here’s the thing scaring ourselves is well it’s scary and that’s not necessarily fun for anybody but you have to do it because it’s the most potent catalyst for growth. Here’s another one let’s try another only a fool would disregard his past and future be that fool. We should all learn from our past plan for our future right. Well, sort of the problem is we often take it too far and we undervalue the present. I wish there was a way to know you’re there’s good old days before you’ve actually left them. I love that line what exactly are the good old days. When do they happen and why here’s the thing good old days are good because they’re the times. We look back and we really liked ourselves and I contend that good old days are marked by relatively high levels of foolishness case in point College college is almost always considered good old days and for good reason it’s one of the great incubators for foolishness you went out of your way to meet the other kids on your haul you helped your neighbours move in over the next four years. You worked hard but you probably also went to some weird jazz concerts or poetry readings maybe a party two. I don’t know perhaps you stayed up late debating and Rand versus Karl Marx or skipped class to go on a great hike you joined clubs you secured the course catalog to find subjects that night. Curiosity the world will tell you that that’s all well and good but it’s time to grow up now and leave those foolish youthful diversions behind don’t fall for that.

TAKE A STAND - A Motivational Speech for Students [ 2018 ]

A Best Motivational Speech for Students [ 2018 ]

I’m here to tell you those foolish diversions are the real nectar of life don’t relegate them to the good old days take them with you keep creating good old days let. I ask you something have you ever heard a profound insight and thought wow that is so true. Whether it’s Confucius or Mark Twain or Shakespeare or Aristotle the only reason for found insights resonates with us is because at some level. we already know them that’s an important thing to realize because it means that all of us are brilliant and profound somewhere deep inside. We all share the secrets of the world the human condition all of the arts and sciences how you live your life determines how many of those secrets will be revealed to you pursuing knowledge and responsibility gives you halfway there. The other half can only be tapped by being a glorious and wonderful fool. The world out there cultivates conformity and cynicism but you don’t have to take a stand put up a fight be a fool.

TAKE A STAND – A Motivational Speech for Student

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