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36 Of The Best Inspirational Quotes Ever | Inspirational Motivational Quotes

36 Of The Best Inspirational Quotes Ever | Inspirational Motivational Quotes. Best inspirational motivational quotes 2018. Top 36Ā Inspirational, Motivational Quotes 2018.

36 Of The Best Inspirational Quotes Ever | Inspirational,

1- A Champion is

Afraid ofĀ 

Losing. Everyone

else is afraid of

Ā  Ā winning.

2- Someday youā€™ll

Look back &


Why it all


It Dib.

3- The two hardest things in lifeĀ 

are hello for the first time and

goodbye for the last.

4- Life is so short.

Spend it with friends

who make you laugh

and feel loved.

5- Imagination is the only

weapon in the warĀ 

against reality.

6 – Donā€™t wait for validation

be your own inspiration.

7 – Donā€™t believe every worried

thought you have.

Worried thoughts are notoriously

Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā inaccurate.

8 – I really need a day between

Saturday and Sunday.

9 – If overthinking situations burned

calories, Iā€™d be dead.

10 – I am too full of life

to be half loved.


Inspirational, Motivational Quotes 2018


11 – Let it hurt.

Let it bleed.

Let it heal.

And let it go.


12 – You Got to keep

things romantic

and excitingĀ 

in a relationship.

Do crazy things

and be naughtyĀ 

as much as

you can.


13 – With everything

that has happened to you,

you can either feel sorry for yourself

or treat what has happened as gift.

Everything is either an opportunityĀ 

to grow or an obstacle

to keep you from growing.

You get to choose.



14 – Iā€™m not interested inĀ 

competing with anyone.

I hope we all make it.



15 – Always deliver more

Than expected.Ā 

16 – Success in business requires

training, discipline & hard work.


17 – ā€œDonā€™t let your struggle

Become you Identity.ā€


18- Put your hair in a bunĀ 

drink some coffeeĀ 

and handle it.


19 – Thereā€™s no time toĀ 

be bored in a world

as beautiful as this.


20 – Happiness cannot do

found; it can Only

be created.


Inspirational, Motivational Quotes 2018


21 – when nothing goes

tight go left.


22 – If you think

you canā€™t,




23 -I know what I

bring to theĀ 

table so trust

me when I say,

Iā€™m not afraid,

to eat alone.


24 – Sometimes peopleĀ 

donā€™t want to hear theĀ 

trust becauseĀ 

They donā€™t want their

illusions destroyed.Ā 


25 -You only live once but

you do it right

once is enough.


26- Every morningĀ 

When I get up,

I check out

The listĀ 

of 100Ā 

Richest people

In the world.


27 – If you are not afraidĀ 

of losing, nobody

can ever beat you!


28 – Focus on your potentialĀ 

instead of your limitations.


29 – Just because I failedĀ 

over time. doesnā€™tĀ 

mean I was a


30 – Life id hard. then you die.

then they throw dirt in

your face. Then the worms

eat you. Be grateful itĀ 

happens in that order.


Inspirational, Motivational Quotes 2018


31 – When you donā€™t knowĀ 

what to do, Pray. Pray untilĀ 

your situations changes.

Miracles happen everyday.


32 – To see the wholeĀ 

staircase, JustĀ 

take the first

Ā  Ā step.

33 – ā€œStrength grows in the moments

when you think you canā€™t go on

Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā but you keepĀ 

Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  going anyway.ā€


34 – Take the Risk

or lose the

Ā  chance.


35 – When you donā€™t care

What they think, you

Are ready for the

Next level.


36 – One of the most sincere

forms of respect is actually

listening to what another

Ā has to say.

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