WAKE UP and START YOUR DAY LIKE THIS! Morning Motivation

Morning Motivation WAKE UP and START YOUR DAY LIKE THIS!

Morning Motivation WAKE UP and START YOUR DAY LIKE THIS!

Morning Motivation. You get up feeling gratitude. If you get up feeling empowered. If you get up feeling home. If you get a feeling unlimited mm-hmm. Why would you why would you worry about whether. It was gonna come or not you would feel like it already happened stop saying.

I can’t do this this is too much for me because every time you talk like that all you do is make yourself weaker and weaker and weaker you’re like a magnet and what comes out of your mouth will. It be attracted to your life and you’ll become it my prosperous thoughts create my prosperous life.

I am attracting miracles into my life. I am so happy now with my perfect life that’s how we should live our lives waking up with the understanding to expect. The unexpected and something unusual should happen in our life. As a result of our efforts and it’s just those beginning moments.

Where it begins to happen and we begin to prove to ourselves. How powerful we really are we must not be negative just negative talk gets us in so much. Trouble  life is not always going to make sense but how we have to keep moving forward and you can’t let us seize in the morning turn into a lifetime of mourning.

WAKE UP and START YOUR DAY LIKE THIS! Morning Motivation

WAKE UP and START YOUR DAY LIKE THIS! Morning Motivation

I know that’s not easy. I haven’t been there but I know living depressed and bitter is only going to pull you down and make it worse but it’s not enough to just have the mind involved thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the Bible.

How you think and how you feel creates a state of being. When you combine that clear intention an elevated emotion. The freedom the joy the inspiration the genuine love that you feel or gratitude from that experience.

The moment you do that your body. As the unconscious mind begins to believe. It’s living in that future reality in the present moment now you’re moving into a new state of being into a new personality and a new personality creates a new personal reality don’t you know that when life gets better and better and better.

It’s always because you’re forward-looking and by forward-looking. We mean looking in the direction of that vibration that has emanated from you did you say thank you today. I think that’s the most challenging form of spiritual discipline is to live in gratitude.

There’ll be nothing ordinary about your inner life from that point on close. Your eyes and think positive thoughts whatever comes out of your mouth. We begin to open your life. You have power in your mouth.

The power of life and death is in your tongue. I stand here in my greatness. I owe my life. I owe my brilliance. I am bold I am courageous.

I’m perfect in my imperfection every moment of every day no matter. where you are or what you doing you matter. It doesn’t matter who raised you you know. It doesn’t matter what they did you it matters what you do.

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