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TD Jakes – THROUGH THE STORM – One of the Greatest Motivational Speech For 2018

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TD Jakes – THROUGH THE STORM – One of the Greatest Motivational Speech For 2018

Don’t take the presence of the storm to indicate the absence of God sometimes. When you enter into a storm and there are all kinds of storms,health storms,physical storms,financial storms, emotional storms there are all kids of storms. I’m not talking about the storms that drain down water and the lightning and the Thunder and all of that I’m talking about storms that other people can’t see undetectable storms. Storms that make people think you have been through anything because  you get up out the bed every morning and you view you put your hair up and put your makeup on and they don’t know you put your smile on just like you did your makeup and and walked in smiling because you are going through a secret storm and ever gone through a secret storm see,see. When you go into a viable storm somebody will hand you an umbrella or a raft or or some help for some assistance because they are aware o your suffering but when you go into a secret storm. There is no conflict there because nobody knows that you’re dealing with a secret storm they’re jealous of the car you’re driving not knowing that it’s two payments behind. They’re envious of the position that you were promoted to not all of that now that you’re promoted into that position you can’t even rest at night you can’t even sleep at night you’ve got so much. Pressure so much responsibility on you and all of a studded you’re in a storm and nobody even know it and when we get in a storm. We have a tendency to wonder where is God. Job said I looked for him he was there a minute ago but now. I can’t find I looked on the right side and I couldn’t find him. I looked on the left side and I proceeded dear mom where is God in the store because we buy into this notion that if God was with us we would have no store that if God were really with us we would be happy. That if God were really with us everything would go smoothly. Really on our side. If God were really with us our meals would be paid how could God be with us how could God. We have cancer how I can’t figure out how could my kid die and God ne with me. How could my house be on fire and God be with me. I looked for him. I looked for him. I didn’t see him. I didn’t see him. I looked on the right. I didn’t see him. I looked behind me. I didn’t he said you had my back. I didn’t see him. I looked in front of me. I thought he’d lead the way. I didn’t see him but you cannot see in a storm that’s why he told you to walk by faith and hot by sight you cannot see in a storm look for God to be sensual in your storm he will not appeal to your senses your senses add to you comfort. God will not make you comfortable in your storm but just because you are in the presence of the storm the storm does not negate the presence of God nor does it indicate the absence of them in fact if you really. Want to see God do his best work get in trouble. Your dreams are worth it there will be things in your life that were meant to destroy you you can be doing all the right things and still face difficulties keep in mind that you are a fighter and not a quitter. I want you to keep fighting
keep fighting through those storms are you gonna let some storms. Destroy your mindset are you gonna lose focus of your dreams goals and destination no you’re gonna stay in the game and trust the process the storms are going to come and they’re going to come with range every storm you go through is bringing you one step closer to your destination and I want you to remember that you are never down and out waking up every day lets you know that you are given another opportunity to be great. If you want to know where God Lead us he lives in trouble the Bible said he had before the very present help in the time the trouble if you’re looking for God he’s in the storm. He may not be saying anything you may find him asleep on the boat in the bottom of the ship and don’t think that he jamped off the boat because you were in a storm . I’m Saying that just because this comes apart doesn’t mean you have to come apart. In fact the destruction of the boat could be an announcement that you have arrived at your destination. Stop focusing on what you lost and start living on what you’ve got left don’t be so aware of the storm that you lose awareness of the God in the storm.


Imagine being on the boat bound and tied stretched and weary the thing he was count going to get you to the other side the job you thought you retired with to get  you to the other side the house you thought should have the rest of your life to get you to the other side and storm got it how many of you lost some stuff in the storm. Lost some friend in the storm lost storm people in the storm loss of relationships in the storm and it made you feel like a failure but should not a failure it was a temporary blessing if it was meant to stay it couldn’t leave. Stop grieving over the boat don’t let rich folks you in some area of their life they are impoverished. I’ll let poor people food in the midst of all of their financial poverty if you get close to them you will find that the poorest among us has a rich that cannot be tabulated in an account life is fair and you think that if your life does not retain the shape that you started with you don’t think that it can get you where you’re going see the boat didn’t cease to exist. It just took on another form. I can’t make it off of what we used to do. I cannot be who. I was yesterday. I can only take what I got left if I needed more Bonita gave me more boat he didn’t promise to save my boat he promised to save me. Just those things are broken in your life that means you can’t survive.
I’m gonna try don’t all over here just in your life doesn’t mean you can’t survive. Stop try to glue the boat back together it may not ever be like it was but grab whatever it is and hold on to it till get where you’re trying to go you’re gonna be victorious about this and you’re gonna be victimized about this every victor is a victim in some area of their life and every victim is a victim in some area and it is it is not so much from the enemy that such pain comes. What I’m trying to tell you is you can’t be saved by what it was you can only be saved.

THROUGH THE STORM – One of the Greatest Motivational Speech Videos – TD Jakes Motivation

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