What Should I Do With My Life?

What Should I Do With My Life?! | Motivational Speeches Online 2018

What Should I Do With My Life?! | Motivational Speeches Online 2018

What should i do with my life? We all have asked this question ourselves, what should I do with my life? Unfortunately most of us don’t really have a good answer to that question! In fact, every time we ask this question.
We have a different answer and you are probably already tired thinking about it! so you decided to simply go with the flow and not burden yourself about it!
But the problem is that, your answer to this question will probably determine how successful you are going to be in your life!
I will share with you a practical way to find out your passion! and finally answer that question – But before that. Lets clear some of yours Misconceptions first! Internet is filled with videos where they say, the only way to succeed is to do what you love.

What you are interested in the most! what drives you to work for hours without realising how fast the time has passed! Despite the fact that its true to certain extend. Its not always practical for most people because unfortunately we are simply passionate about too many things.
We are interested in so many things that its really difficult to chose only one! And what happens usually is that you start up something. you are energized and motivated but when too many obstacles starting coming up, you quickly loose interest and decide that its not for you.
You will come up with every excuse to stop doing it, then you jump to something else. And the same story repeats there! No matter how much you love doing that. At some point you will just get bored out of it.
Even if you are a gamer and you are playing your favorite video game. You will certainly move to something else at some point! Thats why its not only about doing what you love. Its equally important to do what you care about! Something that you feel is important to be done!
What Should I Do With My Life?

What Should I Do With My Life?

So when problems start coming in, you will most likely keep going regardless if you love dealing with these obstacles or not! because deep inside you believe that this is something that must be done regardless! Remember, you will not stay motivated all the time.
Its normal to wake up one day and be frustrated and completely unmotivated to do. What you have been for the last 6 month. It happens to all of us, but when you understand the importance of your job or the businesses.
It will certainly keep pushing you to do what you have to! But a lot of people still find this advice little unpractical because sometimes, even if you find out what you are passionate about, you don’t know how to turn it into a source of income!
So whats the point of it! because it doesn’t matter how important that is if you cant make a living out of it! and thats absolutely normal especially when you don’t have any business experience.
In the modern world, almost anything can be monetised one way or another. People make a living just by playing videos, so don’t let that stop you! but here is another problem. Even if we do what we feel is important and deeply passionate about!
At some point we will give up if we don’t see significant results, it will simply seem pointless to keep going, why waste your time if its not working! That happens because we don’t understand how growth happens. What we have been taught all our lives is that, as long as we keep working hard, we keep growing.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Growth isn’t a right line thats continuously going up. But rather it increases incrementally overtime. Its like when you are going to the gym. You probably wont see any results at all in the first month. In fact, it will seem as if you simply waited your time.
Its only after 4, 5 or 6 month you will realize significant improvement. And everything else works in the same! So if you are just starting a business or a you tube channel, don’t get frustrate if no one is watching you!
What you should be concerned about is to continuously keep improving and be confident that it will definitely grow but that will take some time! In short, Do not only focus on what you are passionate about! but also equally important to do what you care about!
And keep in mind that, growth takes time! So be patient and keep hustling and now its your turn, what do you think? whats your passion about?
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“90% of my life…” | Sadhguru

Nothing motivates me. When I say nothing rouses me deadened I’m on twenty hours per day. In case I’m enlivened, I’ll lapse (Laughter). It’s better I’m not enlivened. I’m exhausted with everything except for I do everything with total association and power.
No one has ever observed me doing anything slack, however I am altogether exhausted in light of the fact that it’s so senseless and doltish.


There are different things I could do, for which not very many individuals are prepared. relatively few individuals are set up for that level of observation. Gradually we are expanding that number, it’s there.
In any case, whatever remains of the action is an impaired stuff of my life. 90% of my life is only stupefied action. Individuals believe it’s extraordinary – it’s their concern. As far as I can tell it’s only stupefied stuff.
On the off chance that we do the genuine article then the gathering of people is too little. So setting up whatever is left of the group of onlookers for the genuine article, arrangement is taking many years of work (Laughs). So I’m yet to accomplish something extremely rousing.

What Am I Doing With My Life?

Mark Zuckerberg was 26 years old when he became a billionaire we’re in our 30s and we haven’t accomplished anything what are we doing with our lives?

Man John Lennon was only 23 when The Beatles became famous? All I’ve done is Facebook What am I doing with my life? J

oan of Arc was only 16 when she ended the 100 years war I’ve only been in The Beatles What am I doing with my life?

Oh my god There was this guy King Tutankhamun. He was only like 10 years old and he ruled all of Egypt.  What am I doing with my life?

I am the pharaoh of all of Egypt I am only 10 years old This is the shit.

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